Printing of 400 rolls of 66 meters with the words FREE TIBET adhesives. August 2004, actions in 10 districts in the most strategic locations visually. The photos are posted on the referral of the international art street; (dedicated in the forum topic), repeated actions allow to give credit to the action. This site visited by all the artists from around the world, those are emails from all who are starting to come to participate. With a roller boxes are sent worldwide (USA, Russia, Japan…) with participants who post their photos on the dedicated topic, then more well-known artists have given of their time (Alëxone, Jace, the Atlas, Influenza, the Plug, Erosie…), very Visual, easily identifiable.
The deep phase of the project could begin, transform this graphic operation in campaign donations. The goal is to sell the rolls, they bring in money to an association. It will be called Solhimal. Since 1988, it allows to build schools in India for Tibetan refugees. A url was affixed to the ribbons of scotch:, first it was directed towards the topic of the website Ekosystem then the association. I offered the Association a hundred rolls. You could order them online on their site, a little more than 2000 euros were collected and fully returned to the association. I propose you to discover some personal actions of this performance (for example because 10 districts have been methodically « decorated » with the trash, to the posts through any street furniture) as well as the achievements of artists.
I sent a box to the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, his Secretary, Tenzin Geyche Tethong said by e-mail, explaining that the project was relevant but too sensitive to expect a picture of the Dalai Lama with a roller.
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