How to show we can be a determined creative?
I attended the evening of Nation Branding.The speech and the purpose being to use by all means, the creative ability of residents to make known the Luxembourg, who is not only a financial center.I've seen the interest to imagine the TOP GEAR project, that this program is carried out in Luxembourg, as countries that have opened their doors to this media.By touching an important target; the new generation, the so-called millenials, digital natives.Quick to disseminate, on social networks, a positive image of their country.By exacerbating their pride to show the best assets of the Luxembourg.But above all, to touch the heart of the french spectators, by a disruptive vision of an image of the Luxembourg they don't know.
Great forests, the roads snaking through the landscape of the country, monuments, typical villages.How to show them? I contacted the BBC production in Paris in order to make them part of my project.November 2016, we ask the milestones of the show and how to make it.With many meetings at Headquarters and by telephone conferences, but also in dialogue with the institutions of the Luxembourg State in order to find sponsorship support.Thinking about the Win - win spoke during the presentation of Nation Branding but also through powerful signature: ' Let's make it happen!After discussions with the coordinators of the brand, this project cannot be supported financially, because it is not in the guidelines of the Nation Branding Strategy.We are on January 20, 2017 and an important detail, the BBC offers a niche of shooting in April, as I have the cheeks starting to blush.

To make it short, I thank all the sponsors that I contacted who have helped with housing, carry a staff of 30 people, to cars, to the Goodyear circuit loans.Thanks to them, the show was filmed. Mission accomplished.Volunteer project.
I want to thank for their capital assistance and support:
Monsieur le ministre de l'économie du Luxembourg Etienne Schneider
Les forces de la police Grand-Ducale
Monsieur Roland Lammar, directeur marketing de Mondorf Domaine Thermal
Monsieur Laurent Schandeler, owner Demy Schandeler
Monsieur Joël Zangerlé, responsable marketing Demy Schandeler
Monsieur Jean-Paul Bruck, directeur de production Goodyear Innovation Center
Monsieur Gaston Jacobs, senior safety observer Goodyear Innovation Center
Madame Tessy Wahl, secrétaire HSRCL
Monsieur Mike Koedinger, fondateur Maison Moderne / Paperjam
Monsieur Christian Weber, owner Luxsignalisation
Mercedes Luxembourg
Monsieur Marc Krier, owner Caves Krier Frères
Monsieur Laurent Lefebvre, owner LL Classic Cars Luxembourg
Monsieur Séverin Laface, owner Robin du Lac, Come à la Maison
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