We are Stardust.
On a trip to Israel, I wore Vans®, their particular sole marked their imprint the ground and including the special land of this country.It creep is among the smaller stars of the pattern you see in picture.I filled a clay pot, then I came back from my trip thinking about the impression we have when we are on planet Earth.An invisible link connects us to the sky and the ground.
Imagine a symbol that unites a community around the world. This one will be a jewel, made of a precious metal that will be a piece of acountry.The construction of Eretz® jewel, asked many years of work. Based on the golden ratio, the glasses were ordered in Switzerland. In the factory that makes the glasses for great watchmakers. It is waterproof. The origin of the land is certified, it is blessed by a Rabbi. We can inscruster stones at each point of the star. Size : 2cm/2cm !
This jewel is a sign of peace, of love for sacred ground. A link between the invisible and eternal. The light of the Almighty that descends to man, our belief that faces the sky. The earth is the meeting point. Wear this small piece of land is to remember. Never forget that our visit here is fleeting.
This jewel is a sign of peace, of love for sacred ground. A link between the invisible and eternal.
The Jewel Eretz® is protected by a basic patent in force. (INPI/classe 14.45). Url : eretz.app, eretz.site, eretz.store
Partners: Neimark and Yves Reboul is Professor at the University of Strasbourg and Director of the French Section of the CEIPI . He is also Chief editor of Juris-Classeur. His main topics of teaching and research include: Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Models. As a recognition of his work he was awarded with: Légion d'honneur (Legion of honor) from the French Government and  "Commandeur dans l'ordre des Palmes académiques" in 2010.

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Eretz® is a prototype made in a single copy.The concept and the jewelry are for sale.

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