Own a pair of J.M. Weston has always been the ability to access a club. One is called: « the Westmen ». I’m 17 years old and since I still am…
Where you are in the world, wear them, it’s feeling in France, feel the vibrations of Paris in his heart. June 2011, I’m on vacation in Tuscany, I discovered the short film of the artist André on J.M. Weston (The Shoe). I love! Then I go on Facebook to get the factory page in order to see the feedback on the release of the film of André. Nothing, not a single page. The brand is absent from the social network. She was 120 years old, and I want to help her through my passion.
I created a page called: « fans of J.M. Weston ». A place that would put forward the brand enthusiasts. By posting their personal photos, their collection. It was a quick success. We must also say, that the community of fans is also largely localized in Africa. Papa Wemba sang the praises of J.M. Weston. The « Sappers » are crazy about her. At each post: it’s like thousands like. 
I meet fans, photographed and then one day, I am contacted by the manufacture who wants to understand my project. The page exceeds 20,000 fans. It starts to talk.
In order to feed items on the page, I can go in the shops photograph products. Also do a story on the factory in Limoges. Then, I decided to highlight the special orders with a new project that becomes viral.
The 180 Safari
Special orders are made according to the wishes of clients, we can change everything on the basis of a model. I’ve always loved the model from Nike: the Safari with its orange color. I decided to make a prototype (as I did recently with the Abarth) to put it online and see the returns on Facebook. I chose the moccasin called the 180.This is a hit, people call the shops to buy it!
Meeting at J.M. Weston, they’ll realize this prototype. I propose to create a website with a countdown showing the delivery time of the shoes. This date is also symbolic. J.M. Weston will become the new owner of the Facebook page, signing his official arrival on social networks. I was much touched by the attitude of management and including the CEO Christopher Descours. With also a wonderful letter of recommendation. It is also life skills French and more globally: a story of gentlemen.
Buy a pair of shoes J.M. Weston. It is grow with her, to see them grow old with you. They can last 30 to 40 years. It is also why the Japanese dedicated her a cult, because they are a reflection of ancestral values. Crafts and know-how with icing on the cake:the Class.
This model has created a craze in J.M. Weston shops for special orders including customized moccasins, J.M Weston Facebook official page post for several years each week, a special order.Today, it is followed by 122 412 followers. ​​​​​​​

Thank you!
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