I tried to present the project to WWF. Without response, I did it myself.​​​​​​​
November 2012
Press project “Make some noise for a living planet” 
WWF action / / donation campaign / / guerilla-marketing. 
Just a piece of cardboard attached to a bicycle wheel to make noise. WWF France is inspired by the idea to launch an operation since late October, entitled “Make noise for a living planet” Joined on cardboard, this slogan encourages the rider to make a donation directly involved in the action. To date nearly 900 Vélib in Paris, 200 Vel’oh Luxembourg served as support.
When we were kids, the bike was the vector of all our dreams, sometimes a dressed spaceship of cardboard, or a race car making noise with pliers to laundry and a piece of cardboard.
E-mail from the Director of WWF France.

Hello Charles.We have discovered this action in the press.first of all, congratulations on the buzz generated by this beautiful action of guerrilla marketing.However, let me warn you about a few points.Agree that it would be desirable to inform us of your action in order to articulate it well with the communication plan for Earth Hour.
In addition, we do not have visibility on the authorization given by the city of Paris and its dealer Decaux on the use of Vélib as advertising support.
In the past, the use without authorization of the Vélib already brought us the Remonstrance of the services of the city of Paris, partner of Earth Hour.

Jacques Olivier Barthes.
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