Customers, now called the "Westmen"
Al' dawn of May 1968, the bourgeoisie of uptown that the four hundred blows to the drugstore of the Champs-Elysées has what to do with those two letters.Members not of the many-named Street pump, sung by Dutronc twinks replacing their "moc" the Janson-de-Sailly, the name of their school.Hair lustrous, Levi's jeans and moccasins 180: winning combination.We're wearing Ray - Ban, we drive a Morris Cooper, we listen to The Animals, Otis Redding, and the Weston quickly imposes an art of living.
I'm trying to combine classic shoes Graphics codes. Off-White strips make me think at the gates of police during the 1968 Paris riots.The belt is the electronic bracelet of today. I reinforces by coins leather shoes, they resume the process of accumulation on the sneakers of luxury brands.
"They are known for their robust appearance over time. Visual reinforcement increases the urban dynamics."
After posted a picture on Instagram, J.M. Weston sent me a message.
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