"We're not thinking about image and legacy, we just want to make great stuff." James Jebbia.
I imagined a personal project during the month of October until early November 2017, whose purpose is to make the first automotive brand Supreme collaboration.
This project has reached the offices of Supreme New-York.Provocant enthusiasm on canvas and a positive reaction on the part of the FCA group represented by Abarth.My field of expertise, allows me to demonstrate that from a simple idea, it is possible to use the power of social networks to bring it to life with a significant impact.
I wanted to say that I have the greatest respect for the Supreme brand.I'm a child of the 80s, having skated and painted trains.I love this culture, this way of seeing things differently.

The Abarth 695 Biposto is an exclusive vehicle. Light, powerful and trimmed to the circuit, at its release, it had a very high price.She has not found the expected success.My goal was to create a limited edition with the remaining stock of the Biposto, with a significant increase in the rate of notoriety.Revival of the model. By the increase in the power argument made by potential buyers.Move from 190 to 230 horses (simple electronic reprogramming). And maybe, by also printing the history of Supreme, by creating the first car of the brand.
Un online sales site specially made which would be used in two time: formalization of the collaboration and dissemination of the first images of the realization.Then communicate the date of the sale online, such as practiced by Supreme; collectors of Asian countries (particularly Japan) and Middle East, which would have given the, with a flash of the 60 copies sale.To end on the 80/20; Media goodies and textiles with the quantities allocated during collaborations with Supreme. 

1994. The first crop.

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