December 20, 2017, colette will close permanently. I want to realize the wish of Sarah Andelman.
I discovered that Sarah's dream was to be a Spaceship pilot, Elon Musk is the man of the moment (December 11, he is selling his Boring Company CAP), so I assembled the colette logo and that of The Boring Company.Created two packs with a sweatshirt and a baseball cap sent to Sarah and Elon, where I explained to him if he could dream of Sarah, maybe change the official logo of his company on its site and to take pictures.I had a return of Sarah through a story she posted on Instagram.Elon, has not replied.
"Take risks now and do something bold. You won’t regret it." Elon Musk
Letter to Elon Musk with a sweatshirt and a Cap.
There are people who are lights. Because they repel the impossible. You’re part. I’ll send you a wish, because there’s another person that I admire, it doesn’t launch rockets but she brings people together in his own way. Her name is Sarah Andelman. She is the creator of the famous shop Colette. On 20 December, it will close permanently. To show my affection, I give her a huge surprise.
You’re our google, I’d like you to replace the logo on your site with this one. Perhaps thinking big, you ask a insta-selfie with the hat by proposing to Sarah of space travel with her one day. I believe from the bottom of the heart, you give her a beautiful testimony of respect. On my side, if you go back to the Luxembourg, I’d like to shake your hand and squeezed very proud to say thank you. Because you realize the dreams of a generation.
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